Basic Fire Safety Services

What are fire watch guards services? Fire watch guards are on-site emergency safety functions executed by professionally trained guards who have undergone special training to keep the facility safe. Services usually include: On-Site Fire Protection – Perform guard duties at the facility’s front door, fire exit ramp, and fire doors. Make sure you have the necessary fire safety equipment and a badge in your security guard uniform.

In addition, watch for fire exit ramp and fire doors and follow all posted procedures. If your guard is called to assist a fire incident, don’t hesitate to turn on the lights and alert people to stay out of the building. Watch the scene closely and don’t leave until the incident is under control. Don’t get into unnecessary trouble while at the scene of a fire. If there are children or pets in the building, make sure they are moved to safety immediately. If there are any elderly people or pets in the building, provide emergency assistance first and ask for permission to speak with their family members in the building before helping them.
When a fire watch guard is assigned to a company’s front entrance, you should be notified immediately. A fire watch guard can also assist you in any situation that may come up during an active fire. If you are unsure about where your fire watch guard is located or how to contact him, call your company’s telephone number or make a call to your local fire department. This will allow your fire watch guard to take a look at the situation to determine what measures need to be taken.