The benefits of moving to Canada

Yes, most people across the world are indeed working toward getting a
PR canada. There are several reasons why this is so. When in Canada, there are a lot of benefits that will come your way, including the following:

Educational opportunities found in Canada are plentiful and quite affordable
In Canada, the public education system is very similar to the one in the USA, where students enrol for K-12 without getting any assistance from their parents. Attending university or college is a bit on the high as compared to students in Europe. But each year, it is cheaper to take an advanced degree in Canada as compared to the USA.
Canada is one of the few nations which appear to be on top when it comes to mathematics, science and reading. The country tends to have the highest level of adults of working age who have higher education at 55% as compared to other developed nations which are at 35%.
Most Canadians are living within 100 kilometers of the border of the USA
Of the Canadian population, about 85% of them live in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta provinces. On their own, the Ontarians are 40% of the demographics of the nation. About 90% of most households are living within 100 kilometers of the USA border.
What it means is that there is a lot of lands which is still open and in a natural state, which is yet to be explored. There are a lot of outdoor recreations that range from kayaking to sailing or skiing to fishing. There are several places where you will find yourself alone with no one in sight. What it means is that Canada has not yet been fully explored and you can prosper if you go there on a PR Canada.